We rent ourselves to raise money for various charities.
You will receive a day of children's entertainment in return.
Our motto is Safety is at the top and learning young is done old.
What are we doing?

We have a child's tow truck and ride-on mowers and we let children experience what tractor valve means.
We say learning young is done old, if they like this as a child, they often switch to the big tractor when they are 16 years old, that's also our goal.

We also let children ride who are in a wheelchair and that we can lift, even blind children we put on it.
Our day is great when a child leaves the job happy.
Every child is the same with us and not a number.

More information can be found at the pages of news and for rent
And two birds with one stone,
You support charities and you will receive a nice children's entertainment all day long.