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We can be rented from 2020.
For the Netherlands it comes to € 350 per day, everywhere in the Netherlands.
For Belgium and Germany it comes to € 500 per day, with a maximum of 50 kilometers from the border with the Netherlands.
Everything is included, so you will not be faced with surprises.
Part of the money goes to various charities see page charities.
Of which 50 euros in gasoline and material costs of tractors × tow truck and 20 euros per person who helps us that day.
And 50 euros in travel costs for the Netherlands, and for Belgium and Germany, that is more, but the total price is fixed.
About an average of 150 euros per day goes to these charities per day.

Conditions for the location:
What we are asking for is a job that is at least 30 m long and 3 m wide. The grounds are provided with fencing / crush barriers. The area of ​​the course must be free of grass (turfs) to create the smoothest course possible.
A shovel to remove the 500 kilo tow truck from the trailer and put it back on at the end of the day.
During the event: A small tractor or shovel to tow a tow truck with driver.
And if possible also extra people at least 3 to help operate tow truck and ride-on mowers with children.
The number of adults you contribute, the cheaper it gets, 20 euros per person per day deducted.
We see it as your staff / volunteer.

We also offer:

Safety comes up.
Only adults help us.
We take our work seriously.
And especially fun children's entertainment.
We say when children have fun, the parents remain.

We can be rented for company parties, children's parties, events, village parties and bachelor parties.
We only participate in competitions if you yourself have a weighbridge and you have people for the organization. In that case you can rent the tow truck for € 300 within the Netherlands, € 450 for rental outside the Netherlands.

For further information you can mail to info@potigesmurfin.nl
Or call and speak your name and telephone number then we call you back 06 3902 6984
You can also send a WhatsApp message.

Greetings from team PotigeSmurfin.

For questions or option for a date, you should send an e-mail.
This list is to book.
Sincerely team potigesmurfin