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First looking after tow truck, found.
Then looking for ride-on mowers, found.
Yes how should I pick it up?
Looking for a trailer, found 5m by 2.10m in Heerenveen.
Stuff first housed in Gieten and then found something in Hardenberg.
Looking for someone who is going to make the tractors safe by, among other things, putting up a climb limiter on the back and other activities so that they run smoothly.
Also found Dirk van Dijk service and trade company in Bellingwolde, wants to do this for us.
Then looking for a person who wants to sandblast the tow truck,
If you know someone, we would love to hear from you.

Furthermore, the tow truck is adapted, made safe and sturdy by LBM Ad de Bruijn in Steenbergen.
When all this is done we will spray the tow truck red and provide it with stickers.
After all this, we hope to be ready in 2020 for the job and above all earn a lot of money for various charities.

And of course we are looking for people who like to work with children and / or hikers to help us for one or more days.
There is a small fee for it and you will be well supplied with food and drinks this day.
As soon as we have our first booking we will also insure ourselves. We pay this from our own pocket, because we want to collect as much money as possible for our charities. That is why we are so cheap.
The best thing is if we can raise this money with sponsors from various companies.
If you want to sponsor us, let us know.

So what we are looking for are:

1. Person who wants to sandblast tow truck at a friends price.

2. People who want to help us during an event and have safety at the top.

3. Sponsors who want to pay part of our insurance of 1600 euros.

Are you or do you know an email us info@potigesmurfin.nl

Greetings from team the potty smurfette,
Contact person: Monique
Monique has previously coordinated with other tow trucks and organized championships in Drogteropslagen, so a well-known person.